Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Portland: A Haven for Nature Lovers

Photo by Fcb981
In a time wherein modernization has taken over the many aspects of our lives, it is very seldom that we find places wherein we can commune with nature. Many of the lush spaces that were previously filled with greens are now erected with buildings and other commercial structures that have taken its natural beauty.

Fortunately, while you are in Portland, such is not exactly the case. While the city is not being left behind in terms of modernization, there are still many places that are able to captivate nature-lovers because of their relaxing environment. Being known as a republic of tree huggers, there is no wonder why it offers a number of choices when it comes to visiting parks and gardens.

One of the places that should not be missed is known as the Mills End Park. This is known to be the smallest dedicated park in the world and spans only at a diameter of 24 inches. This park has been built through the efforts of a journalist from the Oregon Journal. At one point, he got bored with the sight of a plain pothole that is seen from outside the office. This made him decide to plant a flower in the hole. He centered many of his stories on the flower, and such ahs generated interests from the public.

Another park that you should consider visiting is the Forest Park. This can prove to be a good place to visit not only if you love nature, but also if you maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. There is a total of 70 miles of trails, which will make it perfect if you want to go running, biking, or hiking, among other activities. While in there, you might also come across the different species of birds and mammals that are scattered around the park.

If you are in Portland with your kids, there are also parks that are designed to provide children with fun time. Many of these parks are not only filled with a lot of flowers, but also activities that kids can enjoy. For instance, the Peninsula Park and the Sellwood Park are some of the places with the biggest playgrounds.

Lastly, another popular attraction for nature lovers is the Lan Su Chinese Garden. It is inspired by the Ming dynasty and will make it possible for you to experience what it is like to be in an authentic Chinese garden. You can even enjoy a hot cup of tea as you enjoy the serene scene.
Picture taken by User:Wac